Sunday, September 15, 2013


Genesis 2:2-3 is the first mention of Sabbath rest the day of rest in seven. By his example, God encourages us to designate a portion of our life to rest and spiritual rejuvenation.  Without proper rest, it is difficult to deal with the other matters of life, especially our progress in recovery.  

I was thinking over the last few months that even though I was not working or actively doing an activity daily, that I was getting all the rest and healing that I need. This definitely was proven wrong as my body did not physically heal after surgery and eight months later I am still struggling with pain and swelling.  

I have since come to understand rest is actually an active process, and not a passive process. What I mean by that, is one cannot simply sit on the couch staring at wall for several hours and think they've achieved all the rest necessary to go about their busy lives. Rest is active. Rest is an intentional activity by taking time to emotionally withdraw from outwardly stresses and focus inwardly towards our God in our center. It is actively removing the noise of the world to be replaced with the voice of The Lord.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Today I pray that you guide my heart to find rest in you. 


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