Saturday, March 3, 2012

5 simple tips to to make your butt look smaller!

Let's face it, even though we usually can't see it ourselves, most of us women wish our backends were smaller.  So, today's tip is simple... do 20,000 squats every morning and you will have a firm, round, petite derriere.  Wait, 20,000 squats isn't your cup of tea?  Mine either, so here are some simple fashion tips to make your butt appear smaller.

1. Stand up straight young lady!
Tucking in your pelvis and having good posture lengthens your body and can instantly slim your appearence. Posture is more than just the look of your body. It gives signs about your attitude on life and yourself!
Bad posture can make you look insecure, depressed and uncomfortable. When you stand with good posture, you show you are confident and comfortable with yourself.  So . . . Stand Up Straight!

2. Fit matters
Tight jeans will make your bum appear more shapely and tight. Wearing saggy jeans will make your bum appear saggy and unshapely.  And be sure to utilize a good tailor to fit those pants to you.  You don't need to compromise your shape and wear something ill-fitting when a simple nip and tuck of a waistline or seam can make those pants work for your shape.

3. Do not wear any jeans that go above waste.
When you add more length on the top, you're really adding to the overall length of the butt, which translates to a larger saggy bottom.  A mid-rise is best, just below the belly button, but high enough to cover any potential muffin-top.

4. Divide and Conquer
This tip comes from my friend, Clinton Kelly.  Clinton spoke at the 2011 lia sophia conference, where he explained that where your shirt ends can really impact how your butt looks.  If you tuck, then your entire rear-end is exposed.  Yet, if you completely cover booty with a longer shirt, you're really not fooling anyone and actually the added bulk just adds to the imagination of a huge rump underneath. 

So, Clinton's catchy phrase to remember is "Divide and Conquer!" Hem shirts at the halfway point of the rear.  This balances everything.

5. Accept what your mama gave ya!
Okay JLo, you got some extra junk in the trunk.  The first and most important step to looking good is to not feel ashamed of who you are.  No one really cares if you're shapely on top or bottom or not at all; show people that you are a strong, confident, lovely woman and they will love you just for that!  Seriously, if someone really does think, "Gosh, she seemed like a nice person but with a butt like that I can't be friends with her" then thank GOD you don't have to continue to associate with that beeach and move on with your life.  You are beautiful regardless of the size of your ASSets, so remind yourself of that fact each and every day!

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